Ques. Any registration fee is required?
No, DialaDietician is absolutely free for its all users.

Ques. What are the benefits of using DialaDietician.Com?
DialaDietician lets you search for a detician in the most easiest way and is not time, money & energy consuming. Also, it has the reliable inforamtion in the form of latest health tips & articles to keep its users updated with the new health care techniques on the various topics i.e: diets, diseases, exercises, yoga, meditation etc.

Ques. My information will remain secure?
We respect your privacy and your each and every filled detail is confidential on DialaDietician.com, any information given by the patients is not leaked to any third party through any mode. For booking option your detail is shared with your booked doctor only.

Ques. Is my deailed medical history required?
No, your medical history is not required to create your , you simply need to provide your basic personal and contact details for registering with us and for appointment scheduling..

Ques. After online appointment booking, do I still need to call the detician before going for an appointment?
Though its not mandatory, as DialaDietician already notify both dietician and patient/customer as soon as the appointment booking is confirmed by dietician, yet it is advisable to confirm about the same for your own convenience and ease.

Ques. How will I know my appoinment is booked?
A confirmatory notification is sent on to the user\'s mobile/mail, once the appoinment booking is done.

Ques. Can I book an appointment for somebody else also?
Yes, you can also book appointment for your family members/ friends through your account on DialaDietician.

Ques. What is the advance period to book an appointment?
You can book the desired doctor depending on his/her availability and time slot on given day and date.

Ques. What I need to take care before going for an appointment?
Keep the confirmation number provided by DialaDietician.com portal.

Ques. Can I book two different appointments for two different doctors at same time interval from a single account?
No , you can not book two appointments for two different dieticians at same time interval from a single account.

Ques. How many appointments I can book through my account in a session?
You can book only three appointments in a single day with a single account.

Ques. What if I get late for the appointment?
Then it totally depend upon the availability of dietician. DialaDietician will not be responsible for any action from the dietician\'s office.

Ques. If I am unable to meet the dietician on scheduled appointment?
If you think that you are not able to attend the appointment, then you are requested to call the dietician and cancel the appoinment with enough time remaining for the appointment.

Ques. What is the minimum time duration to cancel my appointment?
You are requested to cancel the appoinment at the earlist possible if you are unable to attend the dietician , so any waiting patient can use the opportunity.

Ques. What if a dietician cancels my appointment?
If your dietician cancels the appointment then you will get confirmation by SMS and doctor might contact you personally.

Ques. If I forgot my password?
If you forgot your password, there is a link "Forgot Password?" on the login section of DialaDietician.in. Click on the link and enter your previously registered e-mail address. A mail will be generated and sent to your email address with your password details.

Ques. How can I cancel my account?
Though We provide the best services to our users and we know none of our user will cancel our services. Yet If someone still wants to cancel our services then he/she can sent the cancellation request at remove@dialadietician.in and your account will be cancelled within 48 working hours.

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